Maxio Technology is specialized in developing SSD controllers for consumer and enterprise applications. We provide turn-key solutions using our highly integrated, highly performance controllers. We also provide customization services for our strategic partners. Our customers around the world are producing outstanding products in shortest time to market. These cost effective highly optimized products are being used in various demanding situations.

Maxio was established in November 2014, headquartered in Hangzhou with development, customer support and sales offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taiwan and Silicon Valley. Our core competence is in the areas of NAND Flash based storage solutions, information security and SOC design. We are among the handful of companies capable of putting high performance SSD controllers in mass production. Our products are widely used in consumer products (PC, Mobile Phone and tablet computers etc.), industrial control, communication, security surveillance, energy production and financial fields etc.

Maxio is the first domestic company to mass-produce SSD controllers in 40nm technology with advanced features such as LDPC ECC, Low power consumption, outstanding performance, information security, excellent media adaptability etc. With our strong experiences in NAND Flash management, signal processing, IC design and production we provide everything necessary, including SSD controller, firmware, application software, production utilities etc., for our customers to quickly develop solid state media based storage products. 

Through continued innovation in technology, product, service and management, Maxio will strive to provide the best product, best service to our customers and stay in the forefront of SSD controller innovators.

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